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Carleen Christopher

Carleen Christopher

Raindrop Technique Specialist/ LICENSED SPIRITUAL HEALER LSH

Licensed Spiritual Healer LSH

Carleen has learned what an impact health & wellness can have through her own first-hand experiences. She wasn’t always aware of just how much control a person could have over their own health choices in order to live a healthier life and now her eyes are wide open. Growing up watching cherished family members encounter health issues, was her starting point to become aware of how the choices we make in day to day life can have a positive or negative impact. It was then that she began the journey to embark on a healthier lifestyle. She started with a big change when she decided to give up smoking, a habit she hadn’t realized was so terrible when she had started. “One step at a time”, says Carleen. This was a big step in the right direction and the beginning of a journey that was life changing in so many positive ways. The downside was the weight gain that followed, however, she was determined to stay on her path. Gaining weight sparked an interest in exercise to get fit which then led to diet changes. To become knowledgeable of what is in our food as well as how to nourish our bodies to not only be “healthy” but to build a strong immune system. Next on her list was transitioning to cleaning products that do not damage the lungs, skin, and the immune system she worked so hard to build. Carleen then added body care products, choosing toxic-free skin, hair and body products that do not damage organs, cells, and blood in the body. This would have sounded overwhelming to her in the beginning, but it wasn’t when you think, “one small step at a time”.


Finding Young Living Essential Oils, was the key that tied it all together, the icing on the cake. Living and breathing wellness with essential oils and products that encouraged a powerful effect on one’s body, emotions, and spirit was in line with her beliefs about healing your body and choosing health. She now empowers others to making those powerful decisions that lie within one’s life.  “My hope & dream is to empower families to live a toxic-free life, that leads to feeling better, emotionally, and physically and to meet them where they are ready to begin. Getting certified in Raindrop Technique in 2017, is one way she loves to help others. What began as a personal journey to heal her body led to a passion to help others as they choose to heal and find wellness for their bodies. Getting a Raindrop Technique stimulates every organ, muscle & bone in the body. There is research on this special combination of essential oils used in the Raindrop Technique that promote and help us to feel well beginning on the inside.


One of Carleen’s passions, is coaching others to provide the guidance that has had such a positive impact on her life. 

“Finding health & balance, unlocks your body’s potential for healing.”


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