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About Us

Welcome to Krystal Rose Salon

Arrive as a Client…Leave being Family

Krystal Rose Salon is different from other salons. We don’t  see clients as dollar signs. They are people with needs that transcend just a quick cut & shampoo. 

Having spent over 5 years building up a struggling corporate salon service, Krystal knew that there was more she could do and a better way to do things to enhance a client’s experience. She decided to go out on her own, rent a chair for a few years and learn how much more intimate and special being in a private salon could be.

When Krystal finally took the leap to open her own salon she was scared to death, but that is all part of the journey. With a little help from friends, family and her always amazing and accommodating clients, Krystal Rose Salon opened in March of 2019.

We now have 19 talented staff members ready to make you feel special and give you an experience, not just a service. 

We feel like we are the lucky ones. We have the best team who all work together to help each other succeed as well as the world’s best clients and a love for making people feel as beautiful inside as they do on the outside. 

At Krystal Rose Salon you are not just a client…You are family. We laugh together, cry together, we share our experiences, our ups and downs, and most importantly our need for that personal human connection you can only accomplish in a more caring environment.