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Spray Tanning


When the beach is out of reach

It’s time that we as humans recognize that the largest organ of our body is our skin. This means whatever occurs to your skin absolutely affects your health & well being. No longer is it necessary to sacrifice your skin’s health for a beautiful, natural & radiant tan. 

At Krystal Rose Salon, we strive to allow our client’s to access their beauty & confidence by providing them with natural, radiant spray tans.

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Tan Tips

Tips for a long lasting spray tan

Spray tan tips

After Appointment Care

Keeping Your Tan Beautiful


The world’s only oil-free, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free sunless tanning solution, Original Sunless Tanning Solution delivers beautiful, healthy, natural-looking tan for clients reliably & consistently. Our unique water-based formula dries quickly, works as an excellent moisturizer and leaves the skin feeling silky after each application. Even the most sensitive skin will be free from dryness or itchiness often brought on by other liquids. This product is left on your skin for 8-12 hours while it develops. After rinsing off in the shower you can enjoy your perfectly tanned skin for 5-7 days (with proper maintenance). 
  • Per Full Body Session

    Per Full Body Session
  • Per 1/2 Body Treatment Session (upper or lower)

  • Per Face, Neck and Chest Session




Get a skin Treatment and a spray tan at the same time!!
Benefits: Wash off sooner! Hypoallergenic: Oil-free (No sticky or tacky spray tan feeling!), Alcohol-free (Won’t dry out your skin!), Fragrance-Free (No stinky “cover up” smell). 10X Silky smooth on the skin, Organic nourishment, Exotic anti-aging power pack, 2X faster drying and faster development.

Set Time: 30 minutes to 3+ hours (depends on skin type)


With most sunless tanning solutions, you need to leave the solution on the skin for 8 hours after getting sprayed before showering, swimming, or exercising (and thus perspiring). The Express Tan collection are the world’s first “30-minute wash off” sunless spray tan, you leave on the City Tans for only 30 minutes for a beautiful light tan, 60 minutes for a rich warm tan, or 90 minutes for a glorious deep tan. This does not mean the tan develops in just 30 minutes—the development still takes 5-8 hours—but you only need to leave the solution in contact with your skin before showering for as little as 30 minutes.
  • Per Face, Neck and Chest Session

  • Per 1/2 Body Treatment Session (upper or lower)

  • Per Full Body Session